Why Japanese reject the Universalism

It’s silly to reject universalism when modern civilisation itself is composed of it.

Science is the out come of universalism and rejection or refusal of those fundamental facts gives you only self contradiction.

It’s quite easy to prove that Japan is behind and can’t just explain it’s different with the western world.

Of course if you compare western world and Islamic world with Japan, Japan is rather closer to the Islam on the aspect that both rejecting universalism as if they are in different dimensions.

But as long as you consider modern civilisation as just the same as scientific world, it’s obvious that Japan has no factor of inventing science itself.

Also with universalism independent individual is inevitable.

Lack of secularisation made japan remain as a pre modern society just like medieval world.

In Japan people put more importance on order rather than on liberty, usually people wants freedom of liberty when they’re grown up, since they are not independent individuals Japanese stays immature till they die like the Peter Pan syndrome.

Western people developed modern civilisation separating body and soul temporally, while Japanese were forced to separate them by modern civilisation and all became schizophrenia.

3/11 was telling us it’s beyond our modern technology learned from western world, because as I explained before there’s no attitude as to pursue after almightiness in Japan, carried over generation to generation like greening of the Mars.

Japanese is realistic national living in the comparative world not thinking about benefits generations away.

There was a big earth quake in Kyushu near the nuclear plants yesterday(14/04/16), Japanese shouldn’t forget when 3/11 happened, until then people used to tell nuclear reactor has five levels of security and it’s impossible and never leaks, but once it did one politician at the parliament said “only God knows” who is the God in Japan Emperor?

And the other one said “it’s God’s deed” he was a christian must be the same God I believe in.

Since Japanese society is not secularised even science in Japan is closer to religion.

Even the declining of human science in Japan these days was caused by misfit of imported theory and Japanese pre modern society.


Japan has no ethics

Ethics is one major subject of the philosophy in general like other subject as theology, aesthetics and logics.

Since Japan imported western way of learning at the Meiji restoration, unfortunately since then Japan put importance on scientific side which should be endorsed by the philosophy including theism which conflicts with the Japanese Emperor system.

Around that time Japanese diplomats made an investigation tour around Europe and found that western society is run under one God theory, so they decided to frame up the story the Emperor as God.

Objectives of the science is to pursue after almightiness and subjectives to pursue after universality.

Unfortunately Japan lack both attitude to pursue after either almightiness or universality.

And moreover, all the imported theory was for the society after Rene Descartes Dualism not for pre modern medieval Japanese society.

Japan made a remarkable progress in economy making full use of modern technology brought by the modern civilisation.

Even that was just a coincident people became like robots adopting pragmatism onto Japanese totalitarianism so these days American spells are faded away traditional Japanese endurance style organisation came back like Watami or Uniclo.

After the Meiji restoration, japan tried to expand economically making full use of the western way of learning with the Japanese spirit(Yamato Damashii), what we call Wakon Yosai(Japanese spirit and western way of learning), unfortunately it didn’t work out rightly.

Lack of the concept of absolute

Even the justice is comparative in Japan.

It is said Japan became advanced country adopting overseas culture wisely since prince Shotoku adopted buddhism in 538ad.

Since Japan didn’t have own ethics that Japan had to import useful morals from overseas, but unfortunately nothing became their own and remained imported after all including the buddhism as well, since then Japan became an opportunistic country.

Kunio Yanagita (1875-1962) founded Japanese folklore was from the same reason that Shinto had no written dogma that he wanted to create one.

So Japanese say, cherish the harmony among people what prince Shotoku said, or love your neighbour as Jesus told, sometimes they say respect the elder eventually impermanence or uncertainty of life which is the conclusion of the buddhism that enables Japanese to jump to the conclusion when you get at a loss what to say or what to do like going back and forth in between All and None.

The sad story started when Japan fabricated the story that the Emperor is God, and made all the imported system “Tatemae” (what it should be), unfortunately it couldn’t substitute the universalism.

Group identity

Most of the Japanese men are feminine, they are not used to be told “No” once they are told “No”, they change the attitude and tell you “Am disappointed with you”.

Those typical Japanese guy usually not independent individuals, usually stick to the group identity so to speak “seken” mainly company he had retired from long time ago.

The reason why Japanese company men always ask for your business card is to check your position, group or company you belong to, otherwise they will become insecure because they are not used to cope with the people totally independent and belong nowhere.

They are usually proud of themselves survived from the endurance organisation or society and expect the same thing to the ordinary people mostly to the family members.

Self responsibility

Japanese likes the words self responsibility.

In western world usually it comes with the freedom, like proceed at your own risk.

Japanese even ask for self responsibility when someone doing something protected under the law, because Japanese don’t have the higher concept above the law.

That’s why secretary of the cabinet accused the hostage killed by the terrorists, it’s self responsibility.

It’s of course a self responsibility but it’s not a contract with the government it’s actually a contract with the God.

Lost in translation

Japanese apt to take individualism as egoism or self centred, individualism is totally different from egoism.

Individualism is not to interfere with others, originally word individual=indivisible means can’t divide, so can’t expect the division of the labor with others and has to take care of oneself.

So I invented the words self outer-ed, inner-ed, for the extension of self centred.

Japanese are self outer-ed people not even self centred that’s why Japanese lose a chance to become self inner-ed to insight oneself.

Japanese think individual as just the same as private, they don’t know it’s not an antonym of public even I tell them individual means one, they don’t understand because they don’t objectify themselves.

So they think the freedom of the individual is just the same as their own freedom regardless of the conditions they have.

Even I tell them individual freedom is not the same as your own freedom.


Why Japanese people are always seeking after the different characteristics while world is seeking after the common characteristics.

The reason why is, Japanese people are not individually independent, when the way for integration is blocked what people could do is only differentiation, just like one way traffic.

In other words, when the contraction side is closed only way left is expansion.

That is because Japanese society is always disturbing Japanese people from being individually independent.

It is said that Japanese society based on “Shintoism” or “Emperor System” usually called “mura-shakai” or “seken” is a sort of premature society composed like the emperor as a big farthar and the people as family members, therefore people could feel protected always and people could satisfy their safety and security desire without facing the fear or danger, as well as with their environmental factors such as island country or only one race in one nation or hadn’t been penetrated from other countries.

Japanese people lost an opportunity to become individually independent with those lucky conditions, so that the society became safety blanket like what we call “amae” as it were spoilt children or fawn like always expecting for other’s generosity, consideration or a favour.

Moreover, after Meiji Restoration and even after World War Two, Japanese people were smart enough to cope with the incoming modern civilisation happened to be the western culture to protect that comfortable society so called “amae no kouzou” or “immature structure” by using the double standard called ” honne” as the right mind and “tatemae” as the principle or the rule, one of the biggest National Idiosyncrasies, without noticing independent individual was the most important factor of the modern civilization only because it’s comfortable.

It was the story how Japanese people blocked the way for persuit after universality, covering themselves with the shell called “seken” exclusive and premature society.

What Japan needs now is spiritual renovation to take away the obstacles for getting universal. This is something like a spiritual big bang taking off to macro cosmos, there’s no other way left for Japanese to survive the world.

Hopefully we could do it all by ourselves this time, what we need is a spiritual big bang not a physical big bang since independence is something to achieve not to be given.