lost in translation

This site is to promote my future essays in English I am going to publish for my wife to understand what I’ve been thinking.

I remember the movie titled “lost in translation” and I think I’ve never seenany better expression to describe Japanese and Japan.

It is telling that Japanese people translate the western knowledge into own language and modified with their poor comprehension that means what western people think freedom and what Japanese people think freedom might be different.

Japanese society pretty much resembles the western society but it’s only appearance fathered what we call Tatemae(what it should be), Honne(reality)is somewhat socialistic group identity society.

I have several thesis in Japanese which I wrote when I was forty to fifty, but since Japanese are lost in translation it’s better to write in English from scratch.

When ever I open the twitter I feel like am looking the different world with through a pin hole camera and everything look opposite or upside down.

Everything they tell is totally different from my comprehension and feel I am facing the limit of the recognition so to speak a fake society.

Nobody tries to mend them instead they try to justify themselves even like they were convinced criminals believing in their inerrancy or infallibility

I don’t even know if it worth it to give advice or suggestion to Japanese people because first of all they don’t understand really low level comprehension.