Steps for the Japanese to get civilised.

  1. If you don’t have yourself you can hardly face yourself.

  2. If you don’t face yourself, you can hardly have philosophy there.

  3. If you don’t have philosophy, you can hardly get individually independent.

  4. If you can’t get individually independent, you can hardly find something absolute(GOD).

  5. If you don’t have GOD, you can hardly find the justice.

  6. If you don’t have justice, no moral would prevail

  7. If moral don’t prevail, lies prevail all over.

  8. If lies prevail all over, truth would disappear.

  9. That’s all about Japan.

  10. Yourself is everything.

  11. Everything is within yourself, you can’t reach All out side yourself, but can reach through inside yourself.

  12. Why you can’t get individually independent is not because of the absence of GOD, absence of God is because you can’t get individually independent.


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