Why Japanese reject the Universalism

It’s silly to reject universalism when modern civilisation itself is composed of it.

Science is the out come of universalism and rejection or refusal of those fundamental facts gives you only self contradiction.

It’s quite easy to prove that Japan is behind and can’t just explain it’s different with the western world.

Of course if you compare western world and Islamic world with Japan, Japan is rather closer to the Islam on the aspect that both rejecting universalism as if they are in different dimensions.

But as long as you consider modern civilisation as just the same as scientific world, it’s obvious that Japan has no factor of inventing science itself.

Also with universalism independent individual is inevitable.

Lack of secularisation made japan remain as a pre modern society just like medieval world.

In Japan people put more importance on order rather than on liberty, usually people wants freedom of liberty when they’re grown up, since they are not independent individuals Japanese stays immature till they die like the Peter Pan syndrome.

Western people developed modern civilisation separating body and soul temporally, while Japanese were forced to separate them by modern civilisation and all became schizophrenia.

3/11 was telling us it’s beyond our modern technology learned from western world, because as I explained before there’s no attitude as to pursue after almightiness in Japan, carried over generation to generation like greening of the Mars.

Japanese is realistic national living in the comparative world not thinking about benefits generations away.

There was a big earth quake in Kyushu near the nuclear plants yesterday(14/04/16), Japanese shouldn’t forget when 3/11 happened, until then people used to tell nuclear reactor has five levels of security and it’s impossible and never leaks, but once it did one politician at the parliament said “only God knows” who is the God in Japan Emperor?

And the other one said “it’s God’s deed” he was a christian must be the same God I believe in.

Since Japanese society is not secularised even science in Japan is closer to religion.

Even the declining of human science in Japan these days was caused by misfit of imported theory and Japanese pre modern society.


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