Kunio Yanagita my grand father the founder of the folklore in Japan

I wanted to know what my grand father was thinking about modern civilization.

Fortunately Kunio Yanagita left lots of books and words through the dialogue or conference or speech he made, and happened to find he has been to Florence when he was working for the United Nation in Geneva to see that famous painting the birth of Venus which symbolise the syncretism of theism and Greek myth.

In ten years he established a book titled “the birth of Momotaro” believed that Japan should have the same kind of story on the background.

I was delighted to know my grand father was thinking the same way and that pushed him to establish the folklore institution in Japan.

I was also delighted to to know Kunio was thinking the same way that what he’s learned at school didn’t quite link to his daily life.

Kunio pointed out lots of national idiosyncrasy which I felt exactly the same.

Kunio was aiming to publish Japanese original social studies text books but unfortunately at that time after the WW2 GHQ had a big control on Japanese education therefore Kunio’s dream was not realised.

Kunio emphasised the importance of education to promote the good voters since Japanese people follow somewhat wiser people so easily without thinking deeply like sheep or fish.

As I researched along all the books written by famous scholars including my grand father and my uncle and found out all the scholars of my uncle’s or father’s generation

never admit Japan is behind, and even emphasised that Japanese culture or civilization is different from those of the western world.

I tried to prove that Japanese society is not secularised therefore not civilised and remained pre modern analysing the western way of thinking.

I emphasised on one of the Japanese biggest traits All or None which simply shows Japanese primitiveness without individual in the middle.

Since christian way of thinking don’t have the concept none, because they describe the universe as an existence.

And at the same time I tried to prove western way of thinking is based on the simple self and other or subject and object theory that is the fundamental methodology of the philosophy today the logics.

Since the modern civilisation is based on the logics and individuals, Japan lacks those two fundamental factors which made Japan pre modern without secularisation.

It shows that Japanese don’t have a habit of objectifying themselves thats why there’s no independent individuals in Japan and that became a main cause of Japan remained pre modern.

Besides since Japan imported the western way of thinking at the Meiji restoration, Japanese kept on objectifying objects not subjects, supposed to be objectifying subjects due to the lack of subject or self.


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