Lack of the concept of absolute

Even the justice is comparative in Japan.

It is said Japan became advanced country adopting overseas culture wisely since prince Shotoku adopted buddhism in 538ad.

Since Japan didn’t have own ethics that Japan had to import useful morals from overseas, but unfortunately nothing became their own and remained imported after all including the buddhism as well, since then Japan became an opportunistic country.

Kunio Yanagita (1875-1962) founded Japanese folklore was from the same reason that Shinto had no written dogma that he wanted to create one.

So Japanese say, cherish the harmony among people what prince Shotoku said, or love your neighbour as Jesus told, sometimes they say respect the elder eventually impermanence or uncertainty of life which is the conclusion of the buddhism that enables Japanese to jump to the conclusion when you get at a loss what to say or what to do like going back and forth in between All and None.

The sad story started when Japan fabricated the story that the Emperor is God, and made all the imported system “Tatemae” (what it should be), unfortunately it couldn’t substitute the universalism.


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