Lost in translation

Japanese apt to take individualism as egoism or self centred, individualism is totally different from egoism.

Individualism is not to interfere with others, originally word individual=indivisible means can’t divide, so can’t expect the division of the labor with others and has to take care of oneself.

So I invented the words self outer-ed, inner-ed, for the extension of self centred.

Japanese are self outer-ed people not even self centred that’s why Japanese lose a chance to become self inner-ed to insight oneself.

Japanese think individual as just the same as private, they don’t know it’s not an antonym of public even I tell them individual means one, they don’t understand because they don’t objectify themselves.

So they think the freedom of the individual is just the same as their own freedom regardless of the conditions they have.

Even I tell them individual freedom is not the same as your own freedom.


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