The biggest mistake I’ve ever made  is to misunderstand Japanese people more logically organised, that the difference between what I think is modern civilisation and what the majority of Japanese people think.

Japanese people still use the explanation whenever they make comments on the originality of Japanese culture, that the main difference in western culture is it’s christianity background and that is making Japan suffer from lack of Independent individuals among Japanese people.

This is somewhat correct but, couldn’t be an excuse for the fact that they are unable to distinguish their native problems and world’s common problems, since modern civilisation is the result of human sagacity and wisdom against something absolute so called “GOD”.

Japanese people seem to be unaware of the basic principle of the modern civilisation, and even difference between culture and civilisation. Although civilisation always brings the homogenisation, yet basically it has nothing to do with native culture.

Japanese people are said to be sentimental and illogical, that is because Japanese people lost the chance to learn that the modern civilisation is the result of philosophical thoughts over centuries and remained somewhat pre-modern on certain aspects.

modern civilisation is quite logically composed.

The pursuit after almightiness made out factorisation which is the key factor of science or logic and eventually lead to the pursuit after universality through indivisible individual.

As a result Japanese people is incapable of logical communication since they become too much sentimental whenever it comes to the part leads to a certain contradiction of their self constructed logic and to lose logical insistency and start all of a sudden to look for the different characteristicks instead of common characteristics.

Japanese people is not good at objectify themselves relatively or comparatively as far as their mentality is concerned because of their sentimentality.

Therefore Japanese people would always escape from social science and run into natural science because that’s the only place they could objectify things without facing their mentality.

It might take three more generations for Japanese people to notice what we lack and need, and it was my big mistake to seek after the ethos for post modern while we don’t have anything modern still yet.


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