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modern civilisation didn’t come with a manual in Japanese

Japanese needs  manuals written in Japanese on everything like Mac Donald’s.

The fatal part is it didn’t come with a manual when they imported the modern civilisation in 1868 at the Meiji restoration.

Nobody told Japanese at the moment that the modern civilisation is for the society after Rene descartes Dualism therefore can’t be adopted to pre modern Japanese society.

As I wrote in old thesis The Truth, Goodness and Beauty does not link one another with The Food, Clothing and Shelter.

That means philosophy doesn’t reflect on our daily life because Japanese society is pre modern society without secularisation like Italian Renaissance,Japanese should get over the pre modern society.

I kept on telling for ages that we can’t make full use of what we learned at school, even Kunio Yanagita was saying that what he learned at school doesn’t quite link to his daily life.

We hear Japanese Human Science losing it’s authority, It’ s obvious coming from the above reasons, after all scholars were just objectifying the western way of learning it’s already objective.


It’s all about universalism

This is the chart I translated into English from my old essay in Japanese.

Since there’s no textbook on how universalism is composed or modern civilisation is composed, may be it’s a common sense to the western people, I went up there and asked God hopefully it was the same God you guys believe in, and figured out myself.

I’ve found out Japanese are making use of only right half of the chart, no wonder Japanese don’t have ethics or logics since Japanese imported the western way of learning at the meiji restoration in 1868.

What I can’t believe is that Japanese think they can handle the right half with Yamatodamashii which is Japanese spirit having the emperor as God.

Since then I believe Japanese are like convinced criminal believing their inerrancy or infallibility.

Yoshiaki Yanagita